Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Think Universal Studios Is My Favorite Place

Mommy has a season pass, excuse me, I mean a Platinum pass to Universal Studios. If you go as much as we do, trust me, getting the platinum pass will pay off. You don't have to pay the $25 to park. Plus, you get to go in front of the line for each attraction and you get a discount of food and merchandise. This sounds like an ad, huh? LOL! Well, we go a lot! And, each time we go, it's a new and fun experience for me. My favorite rides are King Kong and Jurassic Park. I love when I get to meet some of the characters like Spongebob, Gru, Minions, Shrek, Frankenstein and more. I believe I have met everyone...over and over again :).

Check out some of the cool pics that I took during my visits.

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