Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Day I Got My Own Dog!

I always tell mommy that I don't have any friends. I just really want someone to play with. Sure...mommy and tee tee play with me, but they aren't kids like me. I don't really know the neighborhood kids, and I only see my school friends at school. My cousins live in Memphis, while I live in Los Angeles, so it can be lonely sometimes being an only child. My mommy has no immediate plans to have or adopt another child (Mommy sidebar: No, I don't. He is right about So, she thought of the next best thing...a dog!!

Mommy drove all the way to a shelter in Hesperia, CA (that's 2 hours away) to go look at a dog who she thought would be perfect. I didn't know where we were going, so it was a surprise to me. Now, mommy said she grew up being afraid of dogs - thanks to grandma who is afraid of any and all animals. But, in her adult life, mommy started forming a likeness for dogs (small, cute little dogs, that is). When we got to the shelter, the dog was sooo cute. Two things that my mommy loved about the dog was that it didn't really bark and it wasn't frisky. Mommy could not deal with a frisky dog - that would make her afraid. This dog was white and was a poodle mix. We affectionately named him Tazz (my middle name). At the time, my mommy wasn't sure if she was actually going to get the dog. She actually just went to look at the dog to see how we would interact with it. But, Tazz was perfect! And he came home with us instantly.

The ride was very interesting. I held Tazz on my lap on the 2 hour journey back home. He was shaking a little, but that was probably because he was scared. When we got back to LA, mommy went to the pet store and bought a doggy bed, doggy pads, doggy bowls, food, shampoo, toys, clothes...everything that a dog would need. We were all so excited. What was so funny is that Tazz would follow mommy around everywhere. If she stood up, Tazz would stand up. If mommy walked anywhere, Tazz was right on her heels...literally. Is that normal? Mommy let me walk the dog, but Tazz ended up peeing on mommy's rug in her room. She was not happy about that at all.

It was finally time to go to bed. I asked mommy could we all sleep in the living and she said yes. So, Tazz had his bed and Mommy and I slept on the couch. During the night, Tazz got out of his bed and jumped up on mommy as she slept. Needless to say, that scared mommy to the point of screaming. Her screaming woke me up and I screamed too! I think those childhood fears of dogs came rushing back into mommy's system. At that moment, mommy started feeling like she couldn't handle it. She didn't want to be afraid of her own dog - even if it was just a little bit. So, here is where the bad news comes in...mommy decided to give the dog back. She didn't want to, but she didn't know how to overcome her fear of dogs jumping on her. That's the reason she didn't want a frisky dog. I was sad, but mommy was sad too, and she felt so bad that she couldn't hang in there. I'm still sad to this day and I would love another dog. Boy, do I miss Tazz. That was the best 24 hours of my life! Hopefully mommy will reconsider when I get a little older.

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