Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Day That I Was Adopted!!!

This picture really means a lot to me.  This is the day that I was adopted.  Mommy, along with Grandma and Snooty, as well as my CASA worker, Janet, all came to court.  We stayed there for about an hour, but the actual adoption with the Judge only took about 5 minutes.  Who would have thought that my life would be totally changed in 5 minutes? But it was.  I was sooo HAPPY!!  The judge gave me this bear. Hey, where is my bear?? Oh, I left it at Grandma's house. Whew! Ok, now what was I saying...everybody was excited too! We took pictures outside of the building, then we went to eat after.  We went to Roscoe's and ate waffles. Yummy! I am so happy that my mommy chose me. But guess what? I chose her too ;)

Click the tab at the top of my blog that says "Jayden's Journey" to read my full adoption story.

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